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A very special concert performance, an interpretation of Brahms' violin concerto Opus 77 in D Major. A work in progress, the music features elements drawn directly from the composer's score, expanded through improvisation and conduction. The performance transcends genres while maintaining the integrity/intent of the original work.

"Improvisation is one of the oldest traditions in jazz, and when it's employed by those who seek to explode tradition, the results are exhilarating.”
Florence Wetzel (All About Jazz NY)


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Opus One is a new and unique interpretation of Johannes Brahms' Violin Concerto in D (Op. 77). Driven by an intense love and respect for this work, the band designed a score that combines extracted sections from Op. 77 with improvisation for thirteen soloists. The consistency and integrity of the music is maintained while uncharted territories are discovered and explored.

Earth People's score features a radically different instrumentation than Brahms.' The inclusion of a tuned drum set André Martînezleader) and two pianos Mark Hennen, Chris Forbes help to create the intensity of a larger orchestra. In addition there is contrabass Francois Grillot – engraver/arranger, clarinet Jason Candler , conductor Doug Principato, violin Frederika Krier, cello Tomas Ulrich, two trumpets Brian Groder, Stephen Haynes , bassoon Karen Borca, alto clarinet Sabir Mateen and flute Elliott Levin. Every musician in this ensemble is an integral part of the music bringing their own special gift to each performance. Every time Opus One is performed it will sound different. Through the use of brilliant scoring, carefully selected material and the use of “conduction,” Brahms' composition shines clearly through and is the guiding light.


. Opus One


Earth People will continue to build and expand on this idea and plan to spread it around the world. The group has been together for over a decade and released five critically acclaimed CD's on Undivided Vision Records.