Le Pot, with Manuel Mengis, Hans-Peter Pfammatter, Lionel Friedli and Manuel Troller, presages the sound of tomorrow. We hear everything from the most minimal signs of nascent life to polyrhythmic nestings to monumental sound clusters, as the quartet improvises toward the Apocalypse – or the Thereafter. Using what might be the last few signals of electronically generated sound, a droning echo, or murmurings from a science-fiction poem, these four musicians seem to generate with sound a new spacetime continuum. It is like experiencing the last days of mankind, or entering an uncharted zone, which lies closer than you ever thought. A neuron torch, a path toward intimacy with the absolute. And everywhere you look, like points of blue light: the trumpet’s bell.

le pot LE POT CH
Hans-Peter Pfammatter, keyboards
Manuel Mengis, trumpet
Lionel Friedli, drums
Manuel Troller, guitars

available november 2014

very nice video



NEW: available from now

Open Trio SE
Joakim Simonsson - piano, Pär-Ola Landin - double bass, Daniel Olsson - drums

bearer of the "Nordic Melancholy"
Open Trio has since year 2000 played contemporary jazz signed Joakim Simonsson. In reviews and descriptions of the music words like lyrical, melodic, intricate and groovy often returns, and the music is often described as a bearer of the "Nordic melancholy". Joakim Simonsson has been compared to the likes of Paul Bley and Esbjörn Svensson.
Open Trio has toured in Sweden, Germany, Poland, England and Scotland, and has so far released 2 CDs. Open Trio's third studio album will be released on Found You Recordings in autumn 2013, this time on both LP and CD.
Open Trio
”Their original tunes, contributed mostly by pianist Joakim Simonsson and double bassist Par-Ola Landin carry an atmosphere of cool, clear air typical to Scandinavian jazz and after six years together they’ve developed an understanding where any two players will go with the other’s flow… As the international jazz scene becomes increasingly populated with piano trios, it’s a struggle to be heard but their combination of understatement, vulnerability and quiet strength might just do it for these guys.”
The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)
live on intimate stage live at Umeå Festival channel www.joakimsimonsson.com music downloads on facebook


....available Niccolò Faraci quartet I
Achille Succi,sax,clarinet, Lorenzo Paesani,piano,rhodes, Dario Congedo,drums

Interesting site of a young italian artist in music, video and visual art:
Niccolò Faraci with his band.
Having had success and kind of a career in Far East, specifically in Japan, now he is showing up in Europe with his extraordinary and very special way of presenting his band and a new project.
Take your time to surf in his virtual world, if you want to book the band go ahead and


http://www.niccolofaraci.com/....... channel

Niccolò Faraci Quartet

All About Jazz Magazine in italian language

Gruppo Q live in China part 1 part 2

http://www.niccolofaraci.com/links.html Media of all kinds

"The Running Man" ....................new CD

gigs: 17.08. Nisville Jazzfestival, Nis,Serbia 28.09. Trigon Festival, Moldavia

....available from now
vocalist and composer Sara Serpa P

Sara Serpa, a very creative young talent from Portugal working in New York, varies in the most different styles of vocal jazz music. She performes live in duo with Ran Blake,piano, or André Matos,guitar, in quintet or sextet set-up.

A quote that just came out on All About Jazz: "Vocalist and composer Sara Serpa is one of the most original and innovative musicians to emerge since the turn of the century. She has already made an indelible mark on the modern music scene in the span of a mere four years. Her unique style of vocalese allows her to utilize the full range of her exquisite and clear voice with the agility of an
instrumentalist and stand out of the crowd as a sublime interpreter and a bold improviser".

www.saraserpa.com..site with online tracks

live on stage
dance performance
nice video at the seaside
Sara's youtube channel

DUO with Ran Blake - piano
DUO with André Matos - guitar
QUINTET feat. André Matos (guit.), Kris Davis (piano), Aryeh Kobrinsky (bass), Tommy Crane (drums)
CROSSING OCEANS feat. André Matos (guitar), Samuel Blaser (trombone), Bill McHenry (tenor sax), Linda Oh (bass), Adam Cruz (drums)

latest CD "Aurora" on Clean Feed

in Europe July / August: Sara Serpa/André Matos Duo


NEW !! ...available from now ....

Marco von Orelli 5 CH
Marco von Orelli,trumpet,composition, Lukas Briggen,trombone Michel Wintsch,piano,synthesizer Kaspar von Grünigen,doublebass, Samuel Dühsler,drums,percussion

in the studiosounds

Marco von Orelli 5‘s current line up exists since 2010. They play contemporary music in the vein of jazz and new music, always with a keen sense of improvisational excursions. The compositions  of leader and trumpetist Marco von Orelli are custom-made pieces for a working band, where every single musician has his space. MvO 5 continuously works at the borderline of written and improvised music - compositions and concepts serve as points of departure, as interstations and as transitional passages. MvO 5 is creating a unique ensemble sound. A great contrast to conventional stylistic concepts, this sound is based on such structuralprinciples as change and variation, as it evolves within anself-determined system of coordinates...Following hidden lanes together, they are a close-knit collective

"A beautiful little record – and one of the most compelling Hat Art sets we’ve heard from a younger artist in a long time!"
.Rick Wojcik, Dusty Groove America

Marco von Orelliwww.marcovonorelli.ch
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